Taking the “Empty” out of Empty Nest

What an unusual stage of life this is! My kids have grown and left the nest. So many of my friends that are in the same stage of life have expressed feelings ranging from relief to distress. For so many years, as our children were growing up, we poured into their lives. Some of us more than others neglected a focus on ourselves as individuals, instead choosing to dive fully into the role of parent. Sometimes we neglected our spouse; sometimes we neglected our friends; sometimes we neglected ourselves. Now, we realize that what’s left are traces of neglect.

Upcoming blog posts

My reason for beginning this blog in the first place was to provide words of encouragement to my empty nest friends. I pray that I can help redirect attention to positive, life-changing perspectives and ideas in six areas with a series of blog posts to come:

  • Kids – I will address topics ranging from “how to let go” to “how to keep in touch,” defining our legacy, what to do with keepsakes, and redefining our relationship with our kids
  • Spouse – I will explore this new phase of our marital relationship, how to reignite it, and strategies for strengthening this bond
  • Home – will your home be a shrine to your kids? Or will you turn their bedroom into your hobby room? I will share ideas for creating an environment that nurtures your “new life.”
  • Career – if you have a career outside the home, how does that impact this new phase of your life? and how does this life stage impact your career?
  • Friends – remember them? Do we need to reignite friendships, realign ourselves with people who positively influence us, or prune this garden?
  • Self – It is now time to reevaluate who we are, who we want to be – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

What do you want to hear first?

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